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The tool doesn’t stick to the particular methodology — use it to facilitate your own understanding of an effective process whether it is a strict adherence to a certain methodology (e.g. SCRUM, XP, Lean, FDD etc) or a custom-tailored approach.

There’s no dogma — free your mind!

You can use different set of practices on different projects: iterations, bug tracking, estimation, workload planning, verification of work artifacts etc. It is possible to change applied practices as the project goes (i.e. you don’t have to change to a new tool if you’re switching from Scrum to Kanban). You can effectively run traditional time-and-material projects and more classic fixed-price projects side by side.

You can go your own way!

The tool allows to manage projects according to chosen set of practices — both Agile as well as more classical ones: plan requirements to backlogs and iterate, estimate requirements (in points as a whole, or in time of tasks needed to address the requirement), assign tasks to team-members or let them select tasks to work themselves.

You can define engagement of people in different projects using reservations so their time can be effectively shared and later verified if people participated in those projects according to this plan.

Everybody can collaborate from the earliest stages of the project: discussing any items (e.g. requirements, tasks or notes), attaching files, carrying the artifacts through their life-cycles (e.g. find bugs, fix them and verify if they are fixed correctly).

It's easy to review updates — people can get acquainted with news on the project without being interrupted or overwhelmed with information. They can check the history of changes for each item, get notified about important updates without loosing the whole picture.

Agile Walkthrough is a web-based software. You don’t have to worry about technical aspects of running the software, you don’t have to install anything, all you need is just a browser and an internet connection — it’s available on any platform with a web browser. All your data is accessible from anywhere — you can work from different computers at home or at work or when you're on the road. We constantly work on making the software better: you don’t have to install any updates yourself, it’s updated transparently for you so you can be sure that you always use the latest version.

The tool is suitable to be used by all people engaged in the project (not only by software-development people) which gives the integral view of the project for everybody engaged in the project. People can concentrate on the areas which are important for them without loosing the whole picture.

AWT is suitable not only for the software-development projects, but for the wider range, so you can use it to organize all your activities in the similar fashion using the same tool.

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Beta phase

Agile Walkthrough is currently in Beta phase and we're looking for more companies and individuals to join it before the commercial launch of the service. We will be happy if you sign up for a free Beta.

Currently we're critically reviewing every piece of the software and the approach with our fellow-companies, test-driving the tool, refining the UX, aiming to remove any remaining unnecessary complexity and make it clearer, easier and better in many other ways.

We offer not only the service but rather our experience, interest and willingness to make software-development better in your company. We don’t want to convince you why our approach is the only right, we won’t give you a dogma, and won’t tell you how is it really in real world :) - you know it much better. We can only share our opinions, explain why believe in certain way of doing things, why it works for us, listen to your thoughts and the way which works for you, discuss and get an idea how we can make development process more comfortable and effective at the same time.

If this sounds interesting for you, please drop us an email at and we'll get back to you shortly.

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