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Expected pricing


At the current moment we are a tiny company and the price of the service we're planning to offer you on a commercial basis will be in large extent imposed by our costs: (a) server facilities necessary to provide fast and reliable service, and (b) support costs. During Beta phase we expect to get better understanding of usage frequency, load, and get other related information in order to create fair pricing.

Our current outlook is outlined below, and might be a subject of change if during Beta stage we learn something very different in comparison to our assumptions.

  • Personal plan – $25
  • Studio plan – $50
    • 10 projects,
    • 3 active workers included with the plan,
    • 5Gb storage,
    • $15 per additional worker (also adds 2Gb of storage space),
    • no iterative planning or reservations.
  • Pro plan – $125
    • unlimited projects,
    • 6 active workers included with the plan,
    • 15Gb storage,
    • $25 per additional worker (also adds 3Gb of storage space),
    • available iterative planning or reservations.

Charging for additional workers

By worker we understand the user who can be assigned with tasks and bugs, and perform work-related actions on them - start, complete, verify etc.

Active worker – the user whose account isn’t disabled :) I.e. if somebody is leaving the company or the project and replaced with somebody else, account owner can just disable his account and add a new one without an additional cost.

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