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Assessing progress


In AWT you can find number of ways to easily keep up with the project's life and assess project's progress.

Project summary: Requirements

You can measure the progress as the part of project scope that has been implemented, which is possible when you have well defined scope. If the scope is well-estimated you can compare estimated time of requirements in particular state, alternatively you can just compare number of requirements.

To have defined scope for the project (or part of the project planned for an iteration) means to have all requirements created and described, and to have all tasks needed to address these requirements created. When estimation of the tasks is done during planning process and the tasks are updated on daily basis you can see actual progress as requirements which were completed and verified (or just completed if requirements' verification is turned off in project configuration).

  • Summary-requirements

Project summary: Tasks and Bugs

Tasks progress gives you work-team perspective on about current status with breakdown by work activities and people.

We can say that progress measuerd in finsihed requirements is more pessimistic assessment (because all work in progress is ignored), whilst progress measured according to current progress of tasks is rather optimistic because remaining time is reported by team-members and can't be certain before some requirement is fully done and verified.

  • Summary-tasks-and-bugs

Finally, you can get information with the most granularity by checking to-do of the current iteration with all tasks and bugs displayed. It can help you to identify troublesome tasks and try to find solution to help with them.

For Iterative planning

Project summary for iterative planning gives additional possibility to select one of following scopes:

  • Project - whole project,
  • Release - items from the whole release (i.e. release backlog and all iterations' backlogs),
  • Iteration - items from iteration backlog.
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