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Iteration burndown

This chart shows optimistic burndown during iteration. We call it optimistic because it is made of estimation of remaining time for all issues. This estimation is done by people who work on particular tasks or bugs during the process before it's done and verified, and we know that the only real measurement of progress is in done and verified requirements.

  • Chart-iteration-burndown
  • On horisontal axis of the chart there are days of the iteration, you won't see non-working days there unless some work was done on those days.
  • On vertical axis there are stacked bars for spent and remaing time of all tasks and bugs planned to the iteration. Also you have the ideal burndown line which is drawn according to the assumption that an equal part of work should be done on every working day during iteration.

Velocity in release

This chart helps you to assess velocity in particular iterations and to decide how much you can plan for the upcoming iteration or how much reservations you should make.

  • Chart-velocity-in-release
  • Done - how much team was able to do during the iteration (measured in estimated time of verified requirements which are planned for this particular iteration),
  • Spent on done - how much team spent working on those (done) requirements which are planned for this particular iteration,
  • Reserved - how much time the team had reserved for the iteration.

Additionally there are additional factors calculated (measured as percentage or rate):

  • Focus factor describes how much of reserved time team was able to spend on completed (and verified) requirements. Effectively it helps you to estimate how much you can plan for upcoming iteration, or how much team time you should reserve in order to implement all planned requirements.
  • Estimation accuracy is defined as relation of estimated time of done requirements to its spent time therefor says which part of time spent on requirements implementation was predicted (i.e. estimated). In other words if the spent time was twice as much as estimated this estimation accuracy will be 50%.
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