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Descriptions and comments


All major items in Agile Walkthough have description field: Notes, Requirements, Views as well as Tasks and Bugs.

Description is always optional and while it's difficult to imagine a note without description, creating tasks and bugs with empty description is a common practice.

Description changes are stored in history and you can check the changes any time. Subsequent changes which were done by the same person within 15 minutes are stored as a single change.

  • Description-edit
  • Description-diff


You can leave comments for all items which have description. Comments are usually used to clarify or discuss particular items without polluting main contents (i.e. description).

Posted comments appear in the history of the particular item, comments for Bugs and Tasks also appear in the history of the requirement to which this issue belongs to.

  • Comment-add

You can preview your comments before posting them, or edit for 15 minutes after submitting.

Textile markup and references

In descriptions and comments Textile syntax is used to format text as headers, quotes, lists and other. For example:

  • *bold* → bold
  • _italic_ → italic

Please check complete reference for more information.

You can easily refence other notes, requirements, views, tasks or bugs by specifying their label in square brackets in description or comments. E.g. [V21]:

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  • Comment-preview-with-textile
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