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History and notifications


Design items (requirements and views), main planning and workload items (tasks, bugs and reservations) and notes keep history of their updates. There are two main purposes of history in AWT:

  • To get acquainted with changes which happened in project having possibility to read only bits of information which changed,
  • To keep historical information to be able to do retrospective analysis of the process.

You can browse history for the whole project, or check history of the particular item.

  • History-for-project
  • History-for-requirement


Since the project can be too big to watch all updates, you can subscribe only to the items which you are interested in and narrow down watched updates flow. There's possibility to subscribe to the item (requirement, view, note or reservation) when you create, edit or view it. You can also configure to get by default subscribed to the items of particular type, and for requirements and views you can select to get subscribed only to children of requirements you are already subscribed to.

There are also important events which don't belong to particular item which you can also subscribe to as whole groups: Planning (putting requirements to backlogs and reordering of backlogs), Workload (estimations, assignments), and Not linked bugs.

  • Project-subscriptions
  • Edit-note-with-subscriptions

Additionally you get automatically subscribed to your reservations, requirements of tasks/bugs you've been assigned to, or when you leave comment.

Finally you get one more bonus feature with subscriptions: all updates which happened since you opened the item last time will be highlighted. Once you get acquainted with the update you can instatly mark it as read pressing an eye icon next to the item or group name.

  • History-for-project-highlighted-touch


There's possibility to get notified about updates selecting one of following options:

  • Instant notifications - email will be sent right after event happened for all your subscribed items,
  • Hourly notifications - emails will be sent not more often than every one hour. The notification will be created when there's an event that haven't been read by you for 60 minutes (since it happened) and email will contain information about all unread events that happened in last 60 minutes. Next notification will be send no earlier than in an hour.
  • Daily notifications - if there are any unread events for last 24 hours an email will be sent.
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