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You can store different information in form of notes and attached files if it doesn't fit into project design. It can be some input information, project blog, knowledge base, communication with customer and more.

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Usage scenarios

You can use note for different purposes:

Storing input information

Some initial information about project in form of concise ideas, concept brief, meeting minutes or anything else can be submitted to AWT. Often it will be in form of documents (word docs, powerpoint or keynote presentations, pdfs etc), so it can be just attached to the note.

Internal project/product blog

General information about what is happening on the project: important changes, plans, achievements etc

Knowledge base

Notes can be used as a way to store and share information about technical solutions, guideliness and how-tos. Separate project can be created for those needs (e.g. project per technology area).

Communication with customer

In case when it's needed to disallow customer from seeing project internals, communication with him can be organized through notes (e.g. weekly build delivery information, or some Q&A or other interaction).

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