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Prioritizing requirements

With simplified planning

In simplified planning mode releases and iterations aren't available and all requirements are kept and prioritized in a single project scope.

  • Priorities-simple-planning

With iterative planning

Iterative planning in AWT allows moving requirements between backlogs and prioritizing them in backlogs. There are three types of backlogs: project backlog, release backlogs and iteration backlogs.

  • Project backlog contains new requirements which are not yet scheduled to be implemented in any release.
  • Release backlog contains requirements which should be done in this release but aren't planned to any iteration yet.
  • Iteration backlog is a list of requirements which should be delivered during the iteration. Iteration backlog is, essentially a final plan for development stage.

Requirement is usually created and put into project backlog (but it if it's known in which release or iteration it should be implemented, requirement can be instantly planned to it during creation).

  • Create-requirement-backlog-and-tasks

Requirements are prioritized in project backlog according to chosen criteria (business value, risk, estimation of necessary work). Depending on chosen approach requirements are then planned to releases or directly to iterations.

  • Priorities-in-iterative-planning

Finally in iteration backlogs requirements can be prioritized using drag-and-drop according to the sequence they should be completed in.

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