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Reserving team members


In AWT reservations are used to ensure availability of team-members. Reservation is created for a defined period of time and results in multiple reservations added for particular working days.

  • Reservations-list
  • Reservation-details

There can be different approaches to form a project team imposed by project- or company-specifics:

  • Reservations first
  • Scope (requirements) first
  • Hybrid

Reservations first

Project team can be fixed for whole duration of the project or its iterations. For example:

  • 1 business analyst - 4h / day,
  • 1 ui designer - 4h / day,
  • 3 programmers - 8h / day * 3 = 24h / day,
  • 2 qa engineers - 8h / day + 6h / day,
  • 1 project manager - 6h / day

So project manager's task is to ensure the most effective occupation of that team for the whole duration of the project - plan iterations the way to have appropriate amount of work for particular team-members.

Scope first

In this approach requirements scope is defined first. Knowing which work should be done, reservations for needed people are created.


In practice hybrid approach is also quite common: there are steps from adjusting scope to creating/changing reservations back and forth. People availability also introduces additional source of change during creation of team reservations.

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