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In AWT tasks outline the work pieces which should be done by a team-member in order to address the requirement. There can be multiple tasks which should be done to complete the task. If the work should be done by more than one person, multiple tasks are created.

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You can create a task whilst creating a requirement or at any later stage (e.g. from estimate page, from requirement page or from any page where requirement is shown, using quick menu). Tasks can be created with minimal required information - the only mandatory field is work category. You can specify a name, additional description, owner and estimated time during task creation.

  • Add-task

Task always belongs to the requirement. Estimated time of all tasks in a requirement makes up requirement's estimated time. Tasks are usually estimated by the person who will do or can do them. E.g. for programming tasks it's usually a developer or a team-leader.


Depending on organization of your team, responsible person can assign tasks to appropriate members, or they can take tasks themselves. You can also assign task to a company, which is effective when more than one company or unit participate in the development.


Owner can work on any of his tasks. Recommended practice is to change the state of the task when work on it started (especially when it wasn't assigned to anybody) to prevent other team-members starting doing the same work, informing them about your current occupation and finally to facilitate time-tracking. This state is called in progress.

When you done with work on the task and there's no more work to do you finish the task, and when there's some work remaining you pause it. Whilst making any of these actions you can enter time you spent on the work.

  • Take-and-start-task
  • Complete-task


It is possible to configure the project to verify tasks. In this case usually the person who created the task verifies its implementation (e.g. team leader for programmers or art-director for graphic designers).


It is possible to cancel task at any time.

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