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Timeline and team load


When your company deals with multiple projects and the same people have to split their work time between different projects it's helpful to plan their time distribution.

On timeline pages you can overview all reservations created for your projects in form of a list or as a calendar. Calendar presentation gives you the outlook of team occupation helping to see people available to engage in new projects.

  • Timeline-calendar

During creating a reservation you can specify either total reservation's time or daily time. In both cases a reservation will be created which consists of a number of granular reservations for working days. When you need to exclude particular days from available working days (e.g. vacations) or on contrary turn non-working days into available (e.g. working Saturday), you can create a calendar exception for the person, company or all people in your AWT account.

  • Timeline-create-reservation
  • Timeline-create-calendar-exception


Whilst reservations outline desired work occupation of people, works help to track the real state and compare it with plans defined by reservations. Global work reports give you means to compare aggregated statistics and detect possible deviations which can be the sympthoms of deeper problems on the projects.

In Mine daily report you can see how much time you were supposed to spend on particular projects and compare it with reported time.

  • Global-works-mine-daily

For the department or company manager interesting should be the statistics in breakdown by project, which will give the answer as which projects consume most of company's time and how it compares with original plans represented by reservations - it is what can be seen on weekly by project works report.

Other valuable breakdown is weekly by work category which gives an insight on activities proportions - i.e. what company does to deliver its projects.

  • Global-works-weekly-by-work-category
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