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Replacing some of the oral communication and on-site meetings with written artifacts, being distributed or offshore imposes the concern that you (as a customer, manager or an other team-member) will not know what is really going on on the project. And fluency of information flow is especially important for projects done in Agile fashion, where things (as product design) can change quickly and significantly along the way - information should be delivered early, in iterations, be continually refactored and improved.

AWT helps you to easily navigate constant information flow, watching the bits of it which are the most appropriate for your occupation within the project.

Information flow

The whole information is roughly divided into project design, planning, workload and general notes. It is possible to subscribe to necessary subset of the information, to watch only relevant updates.

  • Project design in AWT is described in form of requirements and views. User can subscribe to all changes or only to some of them (e.g. branch of requirements representing particular module, the programmer is responsible for).
  • Regarding planning user can watch information about prioritizing requirements and their adding to particular backlogs (releases' or iterations') as well as reservations created for team-members.
  • Workload part covers work necessary to address described requirements. In AWT it's done with help of tasks and bugs and related activities - their estimation, assignment and the work done on those subjects.
  • Notes usually contain general information about project, such as product blog, or can be used as a knowledge base for the information which doesn't fit into project design categories.


Personalized browsing

Whilst AWT provides convenient default ways to browse different entities (notes, requirements, backlogs, to-dos etc.) Additionally it's possible to adjust them according to personal needs or particular project's specifics - and use customized presentation thereafter.

Customers access

It is possible to give the customer limited access to the project knowledge base, however we advocate the full-transparency approach which is default in AWT projects configuration.

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