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Easy start and way through the project


There are three main challenges in every undertaking: first is to start, second is to keep on going, and the third one is to finish :)

Easy project kick-off

Often it's difficult to start describing things in a structured, top-to-bottom, complete way from the beginning, unless it’s a small project or you are a genius. Picasso once said I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else. AWT makes it easy to start with anything and continuously shape your concept.

You can begin with explanation of general idea, business model, inspirational graphic concept, description of some behavior requirements, pages of website or interfaces of software product or even defining some domain-specific entities. The way in which it’s easier to start depends on the project and information available, or on the way of thinking of people engaged in the process. In any case the key idea is to begin moving in an easy way without creating huge, detailed things which are expected to be final from the beginning, but rather starting with any known elements and reshaping or changing them as the time goes, to finally get smooth, clear, structured, sufficient and up-to-date documentation.

Keeping on going

Things will be changing as the project goes and AWT makes it easy to update the knowledge base with new information pieces to keep it up-to-date and useful at every time. In AWT you can modify preliminary requirements and other artifacts, add more specific requirements within parents, store all other pieces of information (questions, discussions, bugs notifications and solutions and so on) within appropriate requirement documents.

Bringing it to the finish

Every project has its constraints: time, budget, quality level. AWT helps you to be constantly aware of the objectives and limits and forecast when the project can be or should be finished.

Agile documentation

AWT urges to have sufficient documentation on the project, but in comparison to waterfall-approach it helps to do it in truly agile fashion: sequentially filling and refactoring information to give the best and the most useful outcome.

In other words being Agile about documentation is similar to programming - it's about delivering early, iterating, refactoring and continually improving the result.

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