Agile Walk Through - Free Beta

Apply traditional Agile practices


Agile Walkthrough gives you possibility to easily adopt or facilitate usage of traditional Agile practices:

  • System gives transparency about the project to the whole team with possibility for close interaction between team-members and participation in every part of the process (e.g. developers can watch the product design whilst it's being developed and join it with their thoughts and ideas),
  • In iterative development short fixed periods of time are used to frame the process of making a project. The result of every iteration can be delivered to stakeholders so it can be evaluated and further plans adjusted as necessary according to assessed results,
  • Going through iterations of the project, team performs the similar queue of actions: estimation of work items, their planning and implementation. AWT seamlessly delivers retrospective information allowing to compare predicted results with achieved, in order to learn and do better plan next time which we understand as adaptive planning.
  • Agile Walkthrough helps you to ensure better quality through facilitating typical QA activities: verification if delivered resuts meets requirements, check if tasks are done appropriately, tracking bugs and verifying their fixing.

Finally you can configure the project environment to use minimal set of the tools applicable for particular project (e.g. simple planning instead of iterative for simple, one-stage projects) in order not to complicate user experience with unused features and unnecessary steps.

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